Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Pinspiration - bakery packaging

bakery packaging inspiration | creativebag.com

Pinterest is a great resource for finding unique and beautiful bakery packaging inspiration. We sell so many different bakery packaging supplies and I love to see how these simple containers can be re-invented with custom details like printing, stickers and labels. 

If you sell baked goods, your packaging not only adds to your branding message but is also a great marketing tool. Don't you just love the message inside the cookie bakery box above? "Oh, nooo .... COOKIES ALL GONE?" and then the message continues directing you to the bakery's website to order more. Genius!

Do you need custom bakery packaging for your business? We can help you! Find out more about our custom packaging services here.

bakery packaging inspiration | creativebag.com

Even if you don't have a bake shop, there are lots of reasons you may want to purchase bakery boxes from us. We sell smaller quantities for small businesses, home bakers and party favors. You can easily personalize our boxes yourself using baker's twine, custom labels & tags, washi tape, custom ribbon and more! 

bakery packaging inspiration | creativebag.com

Here's a quick look at some of our bakery containers. Visit us online to see more or come by one of our three retail locations and get inspired.

 bakery packaging inspiration | creativebag.com

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