Crafting Unique Easter Gift Packaging: A Symphony of Flip Top Gift Boxes, Bakery Boxes, Clear Boxes and Bags, Round Gift Boxes, and Ribbons

Tuesday 20 February 2024


With Easter approaching, the anticipation of gift-giving fills the air, and what better way to enhance the joy than with exquisite packaging? At Creative Bag, we recognize the importance of creating lasting impressions through thoughtful presentation. In this blog post, we'll delve into the art of combining flip top gift boxes, bakery boxes, clear boxes and bags, round gift boxes, and ribbons to fashion stunning Easter gift packaging that captivates and delights.

Flip Top Gift Boxes: Unveiling Elegance

Embark on your Easter packaging journey with flip top giftboxes, adding an air of sophistication to your presents. These boxes not only exude luxury but also provide a sense of anticipation as they unfold, elevating the gift-opening experience. Perfect for showcasing an array of Easter treats, from decadent chocolates to beautifully decorated cookies.

Bakery Boxes: Showcasing Delicious Delights

Enhance the appeal of your Easter baked goods with specially crafted bakery boxes. Whether it's hot cross buns or intricately decorated cookies, these boxes not only safeguard your treats but also add a delightful touch to your gift presentation. Opt for windowed options to entice recipients with a sneak peek of the mouthwatering delights within.

Clear Boxes and Bags: Modern Simplicity

For a contemporary flair, incorporate both clear boxes and bags into your Easter packaging ensemble. Ideal for displaying colorful candies, decorated eggs, or sumptuous cookies, clear packaging offers a sleek and minimalist aesthetic that complements any gift. Their transparent design adds a modern touch while showcasing the contents in all their glory.

Round Gift Boxes: Timeless Charm

Embrace the timeless allure of round gift boxes, ideal for Easter presents of varying sizes. These boxes add an element of surprise and distinction to your gift-giving experience. Experiment with different sizes and patterns to craft a visually striking presentation that reflects the thoughtfulness behind each gift.

Ribbons: The Perfect Finishing Touch

No Easter packaging is complete without the exquisite touch of ribbons. Choose from an array of colors and textures to infuse elegance and panache into your gifts. Whether it's a simple bow or an intricate knot, ribbons seamlessly tie together the elements of your packaging, elevating the overall presentation.

This Easter, elevate your gift-giving experience with a meticulously curated selection of packaging products. At Creative Bag, we offer a diverse range of options to help you fashion unique and memorable Easter gifts. From flip top gift boxes and bakery boxes to clear boxes and bags, round gift boxes, and ribbons, each element plays a pivotal role in crafting a presentation that speaks volumes. Celebrate the season of renewal with packaging that radiates charm and sophistication, leaving a lasting impression on your customers and loved ones.

Celebrating 40 Years of Packaging Excellence: A Journey of Innovation and Customer Commitment

Friday 9 February 2024

We are thrilled to share with you a significant milestone in our journey – the celebration of 40 years of excellence at Creative Bag. Over these four decades, we have been dedicated to providing top-notch packaging solutions to our valued customers across North America. Join us as we reflect on our journey, achievements, and the exciting innovations that have defined our company.

A Legacy of Innovation

From our humble beginnings to becoming a prominent player in the packaging industry, innovation has always been at the core of Creative Bag. Over the years, we have embraced cutting-edge technologies and design trends to bring you packaging solutions that not only protect your products but also elevate your brand presence.

A Diverse Product Range

Our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our customers has driven us to create an extensive product range. Whether you are in need of bags, boxes, ribbon, or specialized bakery and takeout packaging, we take pride in offering a wide array of options. Each product is crafted with precision and quality to ensure your satisfaction.

Customization for a Unique Brand Identity

In our Custom Department, we understand that packaging is more than just a means to transport goods. It is a powerful tool for brand identity. At Creative Bag, we offer customization options that allow you to imprint your logo on reusable bags, showcase your company name on ribbons, and ensure your brand stands out on bakery boxes. Your packaging becomes a distinctive extension of your brand.

Visit Our Retail Store at 1100 Lodestar Road

To celebrate this remarkable milestone, we invite you to experience our journey firsthand. Visit our retail store at 1100 Lodestar Road, where you can explore our wide range of products and engage with our knowledgeable and friendly staff. Our retail store is a testament to the quality and variety that defines Creative Bag.

Online Shopping - Convenience at Your Fingertips

For those who can't make it to our physical store in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), we will bring the shopping experience to you. Our online store is open 24/7, providing you with the convenience to browse, select, and order our products from the comfort of your home. Quality packaging is just a click away! 

Thank You for 40 Years of Trust

As we celebrate this milestone, we extend our deepest gratitude to you – our loyal customers, dedicated employees, and supportive partners. Your trust and confidence have been the driving force behind our success. We are honored to have had the privilege of serving you for these 40 years.

Special Promotions and Events

To express our gratitude, we have planned special promotions, discounts, and events throughout the year. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on the latest announcements and exclusive offers. Join us in celebrating this momentous occasion!

Looking to the Future

As we celebrate our past, we are also looking ahead to the future with excitement. With your continued support, we are confident that the next 40 years will be marked by even greater achievements, growth, and a continued commitment to excellence in packaging solutions.

Thank you for being a part of our incredible journey. Here's to 40 years of success and many more to come!

Corrugate Mailer Boxes

Tuesday 28 June 2022

Looking for corrugate mailer boxes that will co-ordinate with your branding?
Check out our selection of exclusive mailers boxes.

These sturdy and reusable boxes are ideal for mailing packages to your customers, to use as gift boxes and for packaging delicate items such as decorated cookies. Our design and buying team made sure that these boxes were designed to be just as nice inside as they are outside.

More packaging products work well with our corrugated mailer boxes

Purim Gift Packaging Inspiration

Monday 3 February 2020

Have you already started thinking about how to create Purim packages this year? 

We have pulled together some ideas for assembling and personalizing Purim gifts using some of our everyday products as well as some items that are available only in our Toronto store.

Gift boxes and basket bags. 

Packaging Tips: 

1. Add festive Purim labels to clear bags and the clear basket bags.
2. Use scraps of wrapping paper and Purim labels to decorate juice boxes and candy bags.
3. Fill the gift boxes with sizzle to keep your homemade or store-bought items in place. 
4. Metallic stretch loops are a quick and easy way to close the top of the basket bag.

Clear pop up tubes.

Packaging products featured: clear pop up tubes, clear food safe bagssizzlelabels, and solid wrapping paper

Additions Packaging Tips: 

1. Add as much sizzle to the bottom of these clear pop up tubes as you require to keep everything in place.
2. Purim labels can be added to the front or top of the tubes.

Clear take out boxes.

Additional Packaging Tips: 

1. If you add a ribbon to the outside of the clear take out boxes, as shown above, use a small piece of two-sided tape to hold it in place.

Clear vinyl drawstring bags.

Packaging products featured: clear vinyl bags, clear food safe bagssizzlelabels, and solid wrapping paper

These clear drawstring bags are only available in our stores while supplies last.

Gift bags.

Packaging products featured: queen west gift bags, labels and tissue paper

Additional Packaging Tips: 

1. Add festive Purim labels to gift bags like these blues from our Queen West collection.
2. Mix printed and solid tissue papers that match your packaging theme.

These exclusive Purim gift bags (pictured above and below) are only available in

Happy Purim packaging!

Creative DIY Kraft Gift Wrapping Ideas - part four

Monday 16 December 2019

This will be our last post for the holidays featuring DIY gift wrapping ideas using our everyday kraft bags and boxes. In this post, all of our gift wrapping ideas take on a Frozen theme and we think that Elsa and Anna would like all of them! 

White paint markers were used to decorate all of these kraft bags and boxes

This magnetic closure gift box was embellished with a variety of different "snowflakes" to create a simple one of a kind design and tied up with a ribbon so there would be no peeking! 

The handmade Santa gift topper works as a gift tag holder.

We added fresh foliage to our gift wrapping in this blog post and here's one more idea for how to work it into your holiday gift wrapping ...

We drew a branch and ornament onto the top of this kraft gift box and then incorporated a piece of fresh cedar and an ornament gift toppers for a 3-D effect. We chose to use this narrow ribbon on the gift box so that the illustration/fresh foliage/ornament would take centre stage in the overall presentation.

Got pom poms? Why not glue a few onto a kraft gift box to look like snow balls. Add some snowflakes with a white paint marker, a striped ribbon and a hand decorated ornament as a gift topper and you are done.

If you are using a smaller box like this kraft folding set up box, adding a design (or to/from message) to the front of the box gives you more space on the top of the box for ribbon and a gift topper.

No need to buy an additional gift tag with this gift wrapping idea. We punched a hole in this kraft paper shopper and drew a "gift tag" into the bag's design before adding the twine to the faux tag.

So that's a wrap for holiday gift wrapping inspiration with our kraft boxes and bags. We hope that you've been inspired! 

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