Purim Gift Packaging Inspiration

Monday 3 February 2020

Have you already started thinking about how to create Purim packages this year? 

We have pulled together some ideas for assembling and personalizing Purim gifts using some of our everyday products as well as some items that are available only in our Toronto store.

Gift boxes and basket bags. 

Packaging Tips: 

1. Add festive Purim labels to clear bags and the clear basket bags.
2. Use scraps of wrapping paper and Purim labels to decorate juice boxes and candy bags.
3. Fill the gift boxes with sizzle to keep your homemade or store-bought items in place. 
4. Metallic stretch loops are a quick and easy way to close the top of the basket bag.

Clear pop up tubes.

Packaging products featured: clear pop up tubes, clear food safe bagssizzlelabels, and solid wrapping paper

Additions Packaging Tips: 

1. Add as much sizzle to the bottom of these clear pop up tubes as you require to keep everything in place.
2. Purim labels can be added to the front or top of the tubes.

Clear take out boxes.

Additional Packaging Tips: 

1. If you add a ribbon to the outside of the clear take out boxes, as shown above, use a small piece of two-sided tape to hold it in place.

Clear vinyl drawstring bags.

Packaging products featured: clear vinyl bags, clear food safe bagssizzlelabels, and solid wrapping paper

These clear drawstring bags are only available in our stores while supplies last.

Gift bags.

Packaging products featured: queen west gift bags, labels and tissue paper

Additional Packaging Tips: 

1. Add festive Purim labels to gift bags like these blues from our Queen West collection.
2. Mix printed and solid tissue papers that match your packaging theme.

These exclusive Purim gift bags (pictured above and below) are only available in

Happy Purim packaging!

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