do it yourself with our printable place cards

Thursday, 30 April 2015

printable place cards | Creative Bag

Our blank place cards are a wonderful option for people who are looking for diy place cards for a wedding, party or special event. They are available in both white or ivory and we also have two options with a gold or silver border as shown above. 

Simply download our template to add the type on your computer. They can be printed on either ink jet or laser printers. 

If you don't want to print on these place cards, they are also suitable for hand lettering with calligraphy pens.

You'll find more diy supplies on our new website here.

printable place cards | Creative Bag

Trouble shooting tips for printing:

1. DO NOT change or alter the font or font size on the word template unless you have the computer skills and knowledge to be able to adapt the template so that the text will print properly.

2. Always test print on a regular (blank) piece of paper before printing on the place card sheets. Place the test paper over the place card sheet to see if the text is going to print properly. Put a light source behind the papers if necessary to see through the papers. 

3. Make sure you load the place card sheets in the printer paper tray properly. Every printer is different, so when you are doing your test print make sure you know whether to load the place card paper up or down and which end should go through into the printer first.

4. Check your printer settings. Your printer may default to "print to fill page" and not "size as is". If your printer adjusts the size from the original template your text will be off and you will not be happy with the results.

get inspired by Lorrie Everitt and host a euchre party

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

host a euchre party with a sweet table | Creative Bag

Do you like to play cards? Have you ever thought about hosting a card party? It's a great excuse to get friends together and if you keep it really simple and not too serious everyone will have a great time. I hosted a euchre party at my house last weekend and of course I incorporated lots of products from Creative Bag.

host a euchre party with a sweet table | Creative Bag

The spring weather was co-operative and I was able to hang a sign outside our house to welcome guests. There is always an few larger chalkboards in stores and on the website that are suitable for hanging indoors. I would not recommend leaving chalkboards outdoors for longer than a day and only under good weather conditions.

host a euchre party with a sweet table | Creative Bag

I really liked these pressed glass vase card holders and knew they would be great to use as table number holders for the party. I'm going to re-use them as photo holders in my home office. 

Note: I designed the table number cards and euchre score cards to co-ordinate with my party invitation. If you are looking for table numbers we have a great selection here.

Simple glass vases can be dressed up with striped ribbons to display flowers.

host a euchre party with a sweet table | Creative Bag

Everyone loves a sweet table and it's so easy to pull one together for a card party. I used an assortment of different chalkboard signs to label all of the treats that my daughter and I baked. I prefer to use chalk markers on my signs so they don't smudge but chalk works too.
Chalkboards on sticks are one of my favourites because they can be used with and without the base. 

Creative Bag always has an assortment of white ceramic serving dishes and cake stands in stores. It's easy to mix and match different shapes and designs because they are all white.

host a euchre party with a sweet table | Creative Bag

 host a euchre party with a sweet table | Creative Bag

These new small chalkboard signs can also be used as escort cards. I used stacks of books as risers for food presentation. Each book was given a new cover that I created using black wrapping paper.  

host a euchre party with a sweet table | Creative Bag

Mini cupcakes were easy to make party ready. I combined two cupcake liners and glued tissue paper tassels to plain wooden picks. 

host a euchre party with a sweet table | Creative Bag

Every sweet table needs some candy to add a pop of colour!

host a euchre party with a sweet table | Creative Bag

I used assorted sizes of glass containers to present the different candies. Chalkboard labels were added to each glass container and small scoops made it easy for guests to help themselves. Leave out small bags, cupcake liners or small containers for guests to load up with goodies and take to their table.

Fill mason jars with coarse sugar or salt to display cake pops or anything on a stick. Complete the presentation by adding a chalk label and striped ribbon to each mason jar.

 host a euchre party with a sweet table | Creative Bag

More chalk labels were added to milk, cream, sugar and tea containers at the self serve hot beverage bar. Wood and metal containers were painted with black chalkboard paint to
co-ordinate with the other chalkboard elements.

celebrate good times ... Happy Birthday Gale!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

party details | Creative Bag

I love to talk to customers in our stores about what they are doing with all of the great products they have loaded into their shop carts. We have so many creative customers and I am constantly inspired by so many of you. We've also got some pretty creative employees and today I wanted to share with you some of the lovely details from a birthday party hosted by two of our office staff.

Top left: Wood shaped mason jars and baker's twine were used as seating cards. We have a number of different tags and escort cards on our website - you'll also find a variety of seasonal tags that are not featured on our website in our stores. These wood jar tags are in stores only while supplies last.

Bottom left: The jar shaped tags were added to small jars filled with tiny white flowers.

Bottom right: White flowers were arranged in assorted sizes of mason jars to use as centrepieces. Notice how only one type of flower was used throughout? It may sound really simple, but selecting just one variety of flowers or one colour of flowers is often the best way if you are not a professional floral designer. Lace table runners were combined with burlap table runners for a pretty casual look.

Top right: A birthday cake as pretty as this one has to be put on a cake pedestal! We have an assortment of different cake and cupcake stands in all our stores. Selection and stock levels will vary from store to store.

We love to see what our customers have created using our products! If you are interested in sharing your story about something you have done using our products I'd love to hear from you. Just let me know in the comments section below.

Good things come in pretty packaging.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Good things come in pretty packaging.

Mother's Day is on Sunday May 10th this year.

Mom always said it was the thought that counts, so make sure she knows how much you love her by using our pretty packaging supplies.

Shop our new spring collections.

an evening out with Weddingbells magazine to celebrate their 30th anniversary

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

I had the pleasure of attending Weddingbells Magazine's 30th anniversary bash last week at the Design Exchange in Toronto. 

The marquee lights spelling out "WEDDINGBELLS" were the highlight of the night for me - aren't they amazing! The marquee lights were created by Event Graffiti

Here's a few more pictures from the evening ...

There was eye candy everywhere you looked.

Models in beautiful wedding dresses and assorted sizes of white balloons hanging from the ceiling.

Created by Bonnie Gordon, these macarons were arranged by colour and were almost too beautiful to eat. I believe there were over 24 different flavors and colours.

Our friends at Petite and Sweet created this adorable sweet table.

A party without a cake is just a meeting ... this amazing cake was created by Opera Cake Co.

The bars were spectacular and entertaining. There were beautifully carved ice sculptures ...  

and designer signature drinks. 

When this photo of the confetti poppers came up on the big screen during one of the speeches I had to take a quick pic. This is one of my favourite diy wedding projects on the Weddingbells website. The confetti poppers were created using our push pop containers.