diamond wrap inspiration from pinterest & a bridal spa sampler afternoon

Saturday 17 March 2012

I LOVE Pinterest ... it is not only where I keep and organize photo ideas for projects that I am working on but it is also my number one source for finding the newest trends, inspiration and ideas. You can see and follow my pinterest boards here. Today I thought that I'd share with you some of my favourite pins that feature diamond wrap

Diamond wrap is one of the most popular items for wedding and I think that it is because you can incorporate this beautiful roll of "bling" in so many ways to so many different elements of a wedding or special event.

Pinterest photo credits:
1. decorative wreath from etsy, 2. chair back, 3 & 4. centre pieces from tumblr, 5. candles, 6. wedding cake and 7. birthday cake from etsy.

I used silver diamond wrap to decorate two of our glass vases. The table numbers and card holders are sold in stores and online
Here's how easy it is to adhere the diamond wrap to the vases. I used a new two sided tape that is in the Toronto store right now called "SuperTape". The tape is heat resistant so if you are going to use the glass vase with a candle you don't have to worry about the diamond wrap falling off of the glass if it gets warm. Cut the diamond wrap with regular scissors to fit your vase. It is easy to cut, does not fray and you can make the bands as wide and long as you want. I used two pieces of tape on each piece of diamond wrap and place them close to the two longest edges as seen in the centre photo above. When I adhere the diamond wrap to the vases I start at the front of the vase with the middle of the band and work my way around to the back.
The diamond wrap can be the only decorative element that you add to the vases as seen in the first photo on the left. It looks simple and elegant.
If you want to add another pop of colour and texture you can add a ribbon accent as I did in the centre photo. I used the glitter lame ribbon with wire so that I could just knot the ribbon and use the wire to create a bow like effect.
In the last photo on the right, I tucked a table number sign into the ribbon. This is a great option if you are trying to keep the number of elements on the table to a minimum.

I will have diamond wrap and many more of our wedding products on display March 31st at Featuring ... You Spa & Salon in Toronto.
I will be joining the staff of Featuring ... You Spa & Salon for a Bridal Spa Sampler Afternoon. We just found out that Jane Dayus-Hinch from Wedding SOS (a very popular SLICE television show) will be joining us as well so I'm sure that it will be a fun and entertaining afternoon. If you are interested in attending please RSVP to fyi@featuringyouspa.com by March 23rd. Space is limited so please don't wait until the last minute. I hope to see lots of you there. I will be doing a draw for a $100 Gift Certificate to one of our stores at the event and there will be other draws and giveaways going on!

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