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Friday 6 July 2012

Have you been to our Toronto store lately? We have so many great new products in stock and since not all of them are available on line I wanted to share a few that I'm swooning over!  Our buyers were in New York a few weeks ago and purchased a line of products designed by Wendy Addison and they are amazing! 

Someone was asking me if we had silver glitter a few weeks ago at the Creative Evening ...
and I'm happy to say yes we do! And this is the best (and I'm not kidding when I say the best) glitter I have ever used. I purchased some of Wendy Addison's German Silver Emporium Pure Glass Glitter a few years ago when I was in New York and I treat it like it's gold! I only use it on projects that are really special to me because I have never seen it before in Canada and thought that it would be difficult to replace. We have it in four different colours in these super cute containers (believe me, you'll want to save the container when the glitter is gone !).

If you can't decide on one colour of glitter that's no problem, we have some glitter glass gift boxes that contain 6 different glitter colours. If you are not sure where to buy adhesive so that you can add glitter to your project don't worry. We have small containers of gel medium and two sided tape in the Creative Studio that are perfect for glitter.

We also have a number of Wendy Addison's Emporium Kits that contain an assortment of vintage papers, trim, flowers and glitter. There are a number of different themes. I keep looking at the Christmas kit because I know that I could decorate a number of special gifts with the goodies inside that treasure box!

Gift canisters designed by Wendy Addison are also in the Creative Studio! You'll just want to touch these containers when you see them. These are so beautiful. You can use them as they are for gift giving or add a ribbon and decorative sticker to keep the ribbon in place as you see with the glitter packaging in the picture on the left. I would buy these containers to use as a home decor item ... I'd fill them with some of my studio supplies and line them up on a shelf in my home office. I think there are 8 different label designs to pick from but the ones with vintage advertising and typography are my favourites.

And if you are a fan of letterpress stationery, we have an assortment of beautiful die cut letterpress cards that are packaged in muslin bags. I really like the way that these tags are packaged ... it's simple but beautiful.
All of these items are now in the Creative Studio space in our Toronto store only.

I also keep many of my blog and workshop samples in the Creative Studio. I'm usually in there on Mondays adding new samples and products or just moving things around. If you are in the area please pop by to say hello!

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