wood market trays + blackboard paint = chalkboard sign decor

Monday 30 July 2012

Chalkboard signs are showing up at weddings, parties and food bars and I today I'm going to share with you how you can turn our wood market trays into chalkboard signs.
Our disposable wood market serving trays are available in different sizes and shapes. The shallow trays make great chalkboard signs. I can see painting the deeper trays so that you can write on the outside and use the tray to hold favors, etc.
 I often use the long rectangular market tray to serve cake pops and mini cupcakes. The trays are disposable but if they are not greasy I find that they can be cleaned up I can easily restyle them as chalkboard signs.
Go Green: Use the market trays to serve goodies at a bridal shower and restyle them as chalkboards at the wedding!
I used Martha Stewart's blackboard paint which is available in the Creative Studio space in the Toronto store. I applied a couple of coats of the blackboard paint with a foam brush to the front and back of each market tray.
If you want to be able to reuse these chalkboards, you should write on them with chalk. Follow the directions on the chalkboard paint for drying instructions before you start writing!
If you want a permanent sign (so that little fingers cannot smuggle your design) use white china markers instead of chalk. White china markers (which look like pencils not pens) are usually available in any office supply or craft store.

Lorrie's Secret To Creating Perfect Type:

1. I create my type/design on my computer and print it to size. If you are making a sign larger than letter size, you may have to print your design on letter size paper in sections and tape them all together to create your final size.
2. Use painters tape to hold your paper in place on the tray once you have it positioned properly.
3. Then use white carbon paper and a pencil to trace your design onto the chalkboard surface. You can move the white carbon paper around under the paper if the carbon paper is not as large as your final design.
4. Once the entire design has been traced, remove your paper(s) and the carbon paper and you should see an outline of your design. Using either chalk or a white china marker, you can now redraw your design. 
It's that easy and everyone will think that you are a professional sign maker!

And if you are looking for some chalkboard inspiration for your wedding, party or special event ... here are some that I have pinned on my various Pinterest boards ...
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