{free} halloween tags and bag headers download

Friday 28 September 2012

Time for another one of my "free" downloads. This one is for Halloween and includes two different elements that will make your Halloween packaging "spook"tacular.

Here's what the download looks like:
Download the art here. Print these in colour on white cardstock for the best results. Note: This download is just for personal use. No commerical use please.
First, I created this fun little square tag. As you can see, there are four of these tags on the download.Cut them out, punch a small hole with a paper punch, add some twine and you are ready to attach the tag to just about any Halloween packaging project.

Here's what I did with some of the tags:

1. Oreo Pops. I showed you how to make these tasty treats a few months ago. For Halloween, I used orange candy melts and Halloween sprinkles. The oreo pops were packaged with small food safe candy bags. Black and white striped canvas ribbon was used to tie the candy bag closed at the top of the lollipop stick. The orange twine that I selected to attach the tag added that extra pop of colour to my packaging.
2. Marshmallows dipped in chocolate. I used the same packaging details for these marshmallow Halloween treats as I did with the Oreo pops. I showed you how to make the marshmallow treats for Valentine's Day. Again, some simple colour changes and these treats can easily be adapted to any holiday or party theme.
Tip: To create the "eyes" on the "pumpkin" marshmallow, simply cut licorice into tiny triangles.
3. Cupcakes. Here you can see that I added the Halloween tag to one of our clear cupcake holders with a dome lid. I tied the black and white striped canvas ribbon around the container and knotted the ribbon at the top. Using a small (not mini) clothespin that was decorated with black glitter tape, I was able to clip the tag to the top of the package.
Here's a side view to show you how I was able to get the clothespin to stay in place on top of the knot. The orange twine was added as a decorative element and to add some colour. We don't sell the glitter tape on line but it is available in the Creative Studio of the Toronto store.
The other item that I designed for the Halloween packaging download is this bag header. There are two of them on the download. Simply cut them out and fold them in half.
Tip: I use a bone folder to make sure that the fold looks professional.
When you are ready to add them to a bag, slip a clear flat bag inside the folded paper bag header and staple close along the bottom edges of the header.
Depending on what you put in the clear flat bags ... you can adjust how much of the bag is seen by folding any excess bag inside of the bag header before you staple the header in place. As you can see above, I used the same size of clear flat bag on all of my loot bags but they vary in length to make my packaging look professional. The back of the headers have a blank area so you can write a name on them. Which is a great idea if you are using these for loot bags at a party or on Halloween eve for family and friends.
I hope that you feel inspired to try some of these packaging ideas out for yourself. As always, all of these ideas can easily be modified to suit any holiday, party or wedding theme.

I will be demonstrating these projects and many more at the Creative Bag Halloween workshop next week on Thursday October 4, 2012. Everyone will be making one of these projects too so if you are interested in joining us just let me know because we still have a little space left.

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