football {or sports} party theme table decor inspiration

Thursday 1 November 2012

Halloween is over and I've been designing lots of holiday packaging projects for my next couple of workshops at the Toronto store. But before I start posting holiday ideas using all of our amazing new holiday products I want to share a sport themed party centre piece that I have been working on.

This was created for a football themed Bar Mitzvah. The adorable little personalized footballs were the starting point for this project. I used our rectangular glass vases and filled them with sizzle. The sizzle worked perfectly because it resembles a cheerleader's pompom and we carry so many colours of sizzle that it was easy to co-ordinate with the team colours. 

Iron on transfers and canvas pendants were used to create the table numbers. I designed the art on my computer using the football team logo and numbers that looked like jersey numbers.  I have shown you how use our iron on transfers in a previous blog post here. To display the canvas banners in the glass vase I used paper straws in the team colours, of course. The paper  straws looked like goal posts. Twine was used to tie the canvas banners to the tops of the straw goal posts. 

Here's my tips for using the paper straws:

The paper straws were not long enough to stick into the sizzle and hang the canvas banner properly, so I had to lengthen the straws by using two straws together ...

to join the straws I took pair of scissors and cut one end of one straw as shown above ...

then I squished the end of the straw as shown above so that I could easily to slip one end of a straw into the other straw. This created one very long straw -or goal post! 

 To attach the canvas banners to the tops of the straws I made two slits in the tops of each of the straws. Using twine that I had already attached to the canvas banners, I attached one piece of the twine to the straws by slipping it into the slit and then tying a knot to hold in place. Pretty simple ... and secure! 

I stuck the straws into the sizzle once I had the banner attached to the tops. It was easier to do it this way so that I could figure out how deep to insert the straws into the sizzle to support the banner and stand straight.

This concept could be used for just about any sports themed party. Change the colours to suit the team colours. The football could be replaced with a soccer ball, basketball, hockey puck ... you get the idea!

While I am still on the football theme ... make your party complete by setting up a football food bar complete with lots of football themed party food. Here's some things I found on Pinterest to get you inspired ....

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