Lorrie Everitt's simple ideas to making Christmas gift wrapping extra special this year.

Sunday 16 December 2012

Today I  am going to share with you some simple ideas that will make make your Christmas gift wrapping look extra special this year.
1. Use Christmas ornaments to as a decorative element in your gift wrapping. This is so much easier than trying to tie big elaborate bows and after the gift has been opened the ornament can be hung on the Christmas tree. This is a great tradition to start with young children, family and friends.  I especially love ornaments that you can add a picture. Visit our stores for holiday ornaments ... they won't last long so visit soon.
2. Spend a little extra time gift wrapping gift cards. Think outside of the box or should I say the standard envelope that comes with most gift cards. We have lots of  tin containers, card holders and bags that will can be used with gift cards. Dress them up with stickers, ribbons and other decorative elements to make them extra special this holiday season. You can find my free downloads for the tin gift card holders in this post here
3. Keep some holiday themed pipe cleaners on hand to use in your gift wrapping. Twist the pipe cleaners into letters and use them as gift tags or decorative ornaments.  Bend them into candy cane shapes or Dr. Seuss like swirls to use as accents. I used small left over pieces of paper straws from my paper straw wreathe project  and pipe cleaners to create snowflake ornaments. We still have pipe cleaners in our stores but they won't last for long! 
4. If you have ever been to one of my Creative Evening workshops you know that I love using clothespins to attach decorative elements and gift tags to bags and boxes. You can  paint clothespins, decorated them with glitter tape or leave them natural. I use E-6000 glue to attach small  decorative elements to clothespins. We have assorted sizes of clothespins in our stores. E-6000 glue and glitter tape are available in the Creative Studio  space at the Toronto store only.

5. This is my favourite gift wrapping suggestion and one that I have used for 
the past few years. I use photos of my daughters and cut them into different shapes to use as gift tags. I  use one picture for each person and print copies that I can easily cut  out with paper punches or scissors. We have a few paper punches at the Toronto store in the Creative Studio space - I'm using the one that looks like a gift tag shape this year!

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