Wrap it up like Santa

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Looking for some creative ways to wrap up your holiday gifts? Stay tuned to my blog for the next couple of weeks and I'll show you lots of great ideas. I have created some free holiday downloads and I will be sharing them as well.

We sell a number of different sizes of rhinestone buckles. They are perfect for weddings but I knew that I would want to do something "Santa" like with them for the holidays. 
My Santa inspired holiday wrapping would be suitable for a child or an adult's gift.

I wrapped a box with our black gift wrapping paper and embellished it with red burlap, white satin ribbon and a large rectangular rhinestone buckle

 The beautiful Letterpress gift tag is only available at the Toronto Creative Bag store. It is sold in a small canvas bag with assorted sayings in the Creative Studio space. I tied the hang tag to the box using red jute that I wrapped about the box a few times.

If you are into card making,the smaller rhinestone buckles would be perfect for doing a similar effect on a holiday card. 

If you are looking for some gift ideas to help Santa fill some stockings, we have the cutest little hand warmers that are on sale for 2 for $5.

Our Magic Gel Pocket Hand Warmers are excellent for outdoor activities and holiday gifts. They heat up when you need it at a click of a button. Simply Click the metal disc and a chain reaction takes place producing heat!  Reusable 1000's of times, boil for 5 minutes in pot of water until the crystals melt and then it's ready for when you need it again and again.

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