Chalkboard labels & inspiration and Lorrie Everitt's favourite {free} fonts for chalkboards

Monday 8 July 2013

chalkboard labels available at
The chalkboard effect is everywhere. You'll find chalkboards in wedding & party decor, in stores for signage & menus, in posters & invitations and in home decorating magazines & blogs. 

We have lots of great chalkboard products and our new chalkboard labels have just arrived!  Customers are picking these up for packaging and diy projects. The chalkboard labels come in three great shapes and each package include 36 labels. You can stick these onto paper, glass, tin ... whatever you want to "label".  And because the labels really are chalkboards - you can write on them with chalk or erasable chalk markers and whatever the labels have been adhered to can be reused or re-labelled over and over again!!

By the way, the tin containers, glass mugs, daisy lids for mason jars and paper straws in the picture above are all in stock right now.

Here's some of our chalkboard products that are in stores and on line right now...

chalkboard products available at

chalkboard inspirational Pinterest boards created by Lorrie Everitt and Creative Bag

 I'm always adding new pins and inspiration to our Pinterest boards!
Find the original pins/links to each of the pictures above here: 
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Creative Bag's blogger Lorrie Everitt shares her favourite chalkboard fonts to download for free
Looking for fonts to use on your chalkboard project? 
Here's 10 of my favourites that you can download for free! 

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