diy s'more favors in our clear 8oz take out boxes

Monday 29 July 2013

diy s'more favors by Lorrie Everitt for Creative Bag
I have received lots of inquiries about how to make my s'more favors lately so today I'm going to give you ALL of my tips and tricks for making these yourself! 

When I originally posted about these s'more favors I filled our clear take out box with marshmallows, Hersey's chocolate bars and graham crackers that I had left over from a s'mores kit that I had purchased at Loblaws. I understand that the graham crackers that I used have been difficult for people to find. I remade these favors on the weekend at our cottage and here is what I found:
Lorrie Everitt compares s'more kits - make your own s'more wedding/party favors
1. The President's Choice S'mores Kits have changed and no longer contain a rectangular graham cracker. The new kits have a larger graham crackers that is square shaped and fits inside our 8oz clear take out boxes if you place them on their side as you can see above on the left. 

2. I have been able to find lots of the Hershey's S'mores Kits pictured above. The graham crackers are larger but they can be cut and stack easily inside our 8oz take out box

Lorrie's Tip: If you need to buy a few extra Hershey's chocolate bars because your friends ate one or two while helping you to assemble the favors, you can buy them at the Dollarstore for $.69 each.

Now let's get started!
Lorrie Everitt's diy "take out box" s'more favors tutorial
You will need 8oz clear take out boxes, ribbon, labels and your s'mores (chocolate, marshmallows & graham crackers). I love the look of our new chalkboard labels on these favors and I recommend using a chalk marker.

I decided to use the Hersey's S'more kit and the graham crackers for my sample. The graham crackers have to be cut into four. Use a large sharp knife and cut each cracker as shown above so that they will fit inside the take out box. The chocolate bar will be also be cut into four pieces to match the shapes of the graham crackers. 

Layer the s'more elements inside the takeout box in this order:
two graham crackers,
two chocolate,
two graham crackers,
two marshmallows.
Note: this favor will make two s'mores!

Close the top of the takeout box and get ready to add your personal touches. 
 Tie a piece of ribbon around the favor as shown above and tie a knot. You could do a bow if you like but I find the simple knot and nicely cut ends to be just enough. I used a crochet lace ribbon on my favor but you can use any colour or type of ribbon that suits your theme or style.

Add a label to the front of the favor to finish and keep the ribbon in place. You can use a personalized label or a chalkboard label like my sample. 
Tip: If you are going to use our chalkboard labels, I found it easier to write or stamp on the labels before sticking them onto the favors. 

Never used chalk markers? You can see how I use chalk markers on this post if you missed it.

Creative Bag has everything you need to make s'more favors for your wedding/party
Recreate these favors for your wedding or party! 
Chalkboard markers are available in limited quantities in our stores.

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