More New Wedding Products Just Arrived ... Lace Umbrellas & Fans and Ribbon Wands

Monday 22 July 2013

Give your wedding photographer an opportunity to take magazine worthy photos with some of our new wedding decor products. Let me show you want I mean ...

lace umbrellas and lace fans available from Canadian packaging and wedding retailer Creative Bag

Our new lace umbrellas and fans are stunning!
If you have incorporated lace into any of your wedding details ... your dress, invitations or ceremony/reception decor ... then you have to check out these umbrellas and fans. And remember to tell your photographer that you have them so that they can incorporate them into their plans for shooting.

I've been pinning wedding and engagement photos with lace umbrellas and fans for a while and you can see some of my recent favourites above. 

Pinterest Pin Sources (from top to left/right and bottom):

lace umbrellas and lace fans available from Canadian packaging and wedding supply retailer Creative Bag

The umbrellas and fans are available in both white and ivory lace. 

The other wedding product that I wanted to share with you are these adorable ribbon wandsThese ribbon wands are a fun way to send off the new couple after the ceremony. 

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The ribbon wands are so much fun and although we have them in our wedding section I could also see these at a party for young girls.

ribbon streamer wands available from Canadian packaging and wedding supplier Creative Bag

The ribbon wands come in four colour combinations: 1. yellow, light yellow and white 2. peach, orange, white 3. pink, light pink, white and 4. peach, grey, white.


Nat said...

I would have loved these streamers at my wedding many years ago. love these! Laurie, I am wondering if the Toronto store has more or different items than the Mississauga store? I see on the blog you use flower dies for the cuttlebug and there is a flower lace ribbon that you use on the banners. Does Mississauga have these items? love your inspiration and style!! thanks Natalie :)

Creative Bag said...

Hi Nat! The Toronto store has more of the "creative tools and supplies" than the other stores. I have a number of dies that can be used on the cuttlebug and paper punches (mostly ones that are lacey or wedding like). We retail at the US suggested price so they are a lot less expensive than other Canadian retailer ... so you don't need a 40% off coupon.