Bunting inspiration using our burlap and linen banners

Friday 21 March 2014

Our linen and burlap banners are easy to customize to suit your wedding, party or event. 
Here's some creative ideas to make these your own!

In this first sample I used glitter paint to add letters to this burlap bunting. 
Tip: You can use a fabric marker that disappears after a few hours to mark out your letters before you paint them on.

Add chalkboard paint to burlap banners to create a bunting that can be reused with different messages. I used chalk to condition the chalkboard paint and chalk markers to write the letters. Make it your own: Chalkboard paint is available in a number of different colours so don't limit yourself to just black!

Dress up your bunting with ribbons and decorative elements. It's a great way to add colours to a bunting that has been embellished with black chalkboard paint
Make it your own: I glued the burlap flowers to wood clothespins and clipped them onto the bunting so that I could easily remove the flowers later.

Our linen banners are like mini painter's canvases. They are easy to paint on and because the fabric more see through than canvas it is easy to trace elaborate letters onto the fabric before you paint. Simply create your letters in a word document, print them out on paper and trace the letters onto the banners using a pencil (or fabric pen with disappearing ink).
Make it your own: Our linen triangle banners come with a ribbon for hanging. I removed the ribbon and used our lace ribbon and fabric tape to hang the bunting above.

This style of linen banner is a little larger and I was able to add words not just letters. This bunting design would be cute pinned on the back of two chairs at a sweetheart table.
Make it your own: Gold glitter paint and wide lace ribbon give this linen bunting a romantic vintage vibe.

Want to add a little more colour to your bunting project? Paint our linen banners using acrylic craft paint! It's inexpensive to do and a craft paint is available in so many colours.
Tip: Paint one side first and allow it to dry completely before turning over to paint the other side. The paint will bleed through the fabric so make sure you cover up your work area. 

I did a lot of experimenting with paints and colours on the banners. Here's my burlap tester!

Above are some shots that I took while I was experimenting with different products and techniques. 
Top left: Trace lettering on linen banners using fabric markers with disappearing ink. Use a ruler to mark out where to place your letters before you start tracing.
Top right: Use clear plastic or glass containers to trace out circle shapes on burlap banners. Painter's tape works if you want shapes with straight lines but remember to remove the tape before your paint dries. 
Bottom left: Use disappearing ink fabric markers to sketch out lettering on burlap banners.
Bottom right: Martha Stewart glitter paint works well on both linen and burlap. One coat of glitter paint is often all you need.

Love this idea using a single linen banner. I added a saying to a single banner that I could use in a store display. I think that this would be fun element to add to chair backs for a party. 

Here's an assortment of linen and burlap bunting that we have in stock right now. Not into diy?Check out the David Tutera pre-made burlap bunting. Each kit contains lots of letters so you can spell out what you want!

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