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Monday 25 May 2015

cotton candy favor packaging | Creative Bag

Who doesn't like cotton candy? Sugar spun into happy little clouds from Candyland. I was given some (yummy) organic cotton candy to sample from Janelle of Lola's Cloud a couple of weeks ago and now I keep seeing cotton candy everywhere I look.

Sweetapolita baking book - sweet inspiration!

I even saw cotton candy used a couple of times in this incredible baking book by Rosie Alyea. Rosie is the creative blogger/baker at If you have not visited Sweetapolia's blog before you have to check it out - it's sooooo inspiring. 

cotton candy cloud cookies

Check out Rosie's pink cotton candy cloud cookies! They are on my list to make with my daughter this summer during school break. I also want to make her chalkboard inspired cakes and cookies ... including the edible chalk! You've most likely seen some of Rosie's layered cakes on Pinterest - they are the ones with all of the different colours of cake inside! So much fun. This book has so many great ideas and inspiration if you are planning a party or special event. 

cotton candy favor packaging | Creative Bag

If you are thinking about having cotton candy favors, here's some inspiration using our bakery and candy packaging supplies.

This first favor was created using clear containers with dome lids. This size is great for cupcakes but cotton candy looks great in these as well. The top of the dome has a flat space that allows you to add a round sticker to customize your favor. You can personalize these a little more by tying a ribbon to match your decor/theme around the middle section. 

cotton candy favor packaging | Creative Bag

Our new econo hard bottom candy bags are great for creating cotton candy favors or packaging cotton candy for a sweet table. They come in a number of different sizes and you can easily cut the top of the bag if they are too long.

cotton candy favor packaging | Creative Bag

The top of the bag on this favor was folded over a couple of times and I used two sided tape to seal the bag to keep the cotton candy fresh. Ribbon was added to hide the two sided tape and give a finished look to the top of the bag. A custom sticker was added to the front of the bag and a gift tag was clipped to the top of the bag using a small clothespin

cotton candy favor packaging | Creative Bag

Cotton candy on a paper straw was inserted into this candy bag for a party favor. A twist tie keeps the bag closed and a piece of ribbon hides the twist tie. I added a custom gift tag to the bag using baker's twine. This bag is not completely sealed because of the paper straw so this favor would be best to create close to the date of the party.

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