fall decorating inspiration using tissue paper, chalk markers and a little bit of glitter

Thursday 8 October 2015

October is here and it's time for fall entertaining. Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner or planning a Halloween party or both?! Here's a couple of ideas for fall decorating with pumpkins that can easily be incorporated into your Thanksgiving decor and last right through to the end of the month. 

With a little bit of imagination, some tissue paper, glue, glitter and chalk paint and chalk markers you can diy these pumpkins in an evening. Have little ones? These are simple enough to make with the kids too!

You can use real pumpkins for these projects but let's face it, plastic pumpkins look very realistic, they can be reused year after year and they came in a large variety of sizes, shapes and colours.

I purchased some white pumpkins and decorated them with orange and pink tissue paper to co-ordinate with the colours I was using for an October birthday celebration. Here's what I did:

I cut four colours of tissue paper - off white, light orange, light pink and pink - into triangles and glued them onto a white pumpkin using decoupage glue. I wanted a little extra glitter on my pumpkins so I used a decoupage with a glitter finish. Once the pumpkin was completed covered with tissue paper and the glue was dry, I added glue to the pumpkin stem and covered it with fine glitter. Note: if the pumpkin is still "wet" the glitter will stick to the rest of the pumpkin too and not just the stem so be aware.

You can purchase black pumpkins or use black chalkboard paint to cover an orange pumpkin if you are interested in making one of these "chalk art" inspired pumpkins. Use white chalk markers to write words like I did or doodle a design on your pumpkin. If you are interested in writing words like mine and you don't feel like your hand writing is worthy of doing this free hand - it is possible to trace words onto the pumpkin using the same techniques I have shown you on our chalkboards in earlier posts like this oneAgain, I added gold glitter to the stem of this pumpkin.

If you want to use a number of pumpkins in a grouping for a table centrepiece, it's a good idea to have a mix of solid and patterned pumpkins. You can give the grouping height by displaying the pumpkins on a few wood slabs.

Check out our new "happy birthday" cake toppers that just arrived. This gold sparkle one was the perfect accent for this pumpkin shaped naked cake.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, and just a reminder - our stores are closed on Thanksgiving Monday.

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