Creative DIY Kraft Gift Wrapping Inspiration - part three

Monday 9 December 2019

Kraft bags, boxes and wrapping paper are holiday favourite for many of our customers. And for DIY enthusiasts our kraft packaging products are a blank canvas just waiting to be embellished with personalized heart felt details. 

In this third post, we are sharing more inspirational ideas using our kraft bags and boxes.

Simple star shapes, dots and "HO" lettering were added to this folding kraft box to create an overall print. The whimsical gift tag and our exclusive Merry Everything printed ribbon add to the "Santa" theme of the gift packaging.

Kraft bags and boxes where embellished with a stamp & black ink, white Sharpie paint markers and pieces of fresh cedar. 

You can do this:  

1. Stamp an image of a truck, van or car onto a flat folding box
Tip - you can also stamp your image onto a piece of kraft wrapping paper and wrap it around the box. 

2. Use a white paint marker to add some little details to your design. Here we added snowflakes and a couple of little elements to the truck. 

3. Small pieces of fresh cedar were attached to the kraft paper using a few pieces of two-sided tape.

Finish off with ribbon. Here we tied a striped ribbon around the sides of the box.

The same technique with the stamped image was used on this gift bag but this time the small pieces of fresh cedar were added to the bag a little differently. A small slit was made into the bag so that the cedar could be inserted into the "trunk" of the truck. A few pieces of two-sided of tape were used to keep the cedar in place.

Here's a close up of how the cedar was inserted into the slit in the bag. 

You will also noticed that we removed the original handles on the bag and replaced them with ribbon that added to our holiday theme.

One fun element that you can add to your gift bag and may not have thought about is to add a little hidden message to the inside of the bag. We added "ho ho ho" to this one but can add a message that is more personal. It's a fun gift wrapping detail for Secret Santa gifts. 

Here's an idea if you are doing last minute gift wrapping and realise that you have run out of tissue paper. Punch two holes in the top of the bag as shown and insert a ribbon to close the bag and add a decorative element.

Got pom poms?! Why not add them to your holiday gift wrapping? Turn any deer head into Rudolph by simply gluing a small red pom pom. 

We added our exclusive holiday stickers to kraft paper bags and gift card holders. We drew the wreaths using paint markers but you could also use stamps with a large wreath design if you are creating a more than a few of these for your small business.

Tip: Wreaths were drawn first on the gift card envelope and paper lunch bag before adding the stickers.

We also added baker's twine to the bag by punching two holes in the top. This is a great idea for prepacked baked goods at holiday markets so the contents will be contained until opened.

Add a little something extra to the top of the kraft paper lunch bag by cutting the top of the bag with scallop edged scissors as we did above.

These are the kraft paper bags and boxes that were used in this post - paper shoppers, paper lunch bags, gift bags, gift envelopes and folding boxes.

If you missed our last two blog posts with more creative DIY kraft gift wrapping inspiration, you can find them here and here. Stay tuned for one more post using kraft packaging products!

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