Lauren and Adam's wedding { project} no. 2

Thursday 24 May 2012

Lauren and Adam's wedding is just a little over a month away and I'm going to share with you another project that I have created for them ... their money/gift card holder. Lauren had a difficult time deciding which card holder she wanted for her vintage themed wedding. She really liked the birdcage card holder by Weddingstar but was not loving the colour and thought that it was too dark. But I knew that we could make it work for her wedding if we spray painted it in a colour that would co-ordinate with her wedding decor and she agreed to try it out.

I personally love this Weddingstar birdcage card holder because I would use it after the wedding as part of my home decor. Here's a few ideas that I have pinned ...
For my home, I would stack a few vintage books, a small framed picture and a cast iron bird inside the birdcage to create a little vignette.

Lauren had already selected the antique white french provencal tin containers (see above) for her wedding favors and I knew that it would be easy to find a spray paint in a similar colour at the local hardware or paint store.
Here's some of my tips for doing this project:

1. Give yourself at least a week to do this project ... this is NOT a day or two before the wedding kind of project!!
2.Take your time and do a little bit everyday (especially if it is humid) so that you can layer multiple fine coats of paint ... do not over spray or you will see drip marks.
3. Work in an area that will allow you to leave the birdcage to dry for a length of time.
4. We used a spray paint designed for metal - matte or glossy finish is up to you.
5. I took a large box from the grocery store and cut it up to make an area to spray inside ... this kept the paint from spraying all over my work area and made clean up easy.

To keep with the vintage theme, I shredded old book pages for the bottom of the birdcage. Lauren and Adam will be displaying the birdcage on a small round table with a table cloth near their sweetheart table at the reception. The "xoxo" canvas banner that I created here will be attached to this table.

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