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Monday 7 May 2012

I stumbled upon this quote on the weekend as I was relaxing with a cup of tea and my new "Where Women Create" magazine by Stampington & Company. I love this quote. It's such a simple saying ... just six words ... and it is exactly what I have been trying achieve with this blog. Each week, as I create, photograph and write about different ideas and projects using our products, I hope that I inspire you to get creative ... and hopefully, you will create something wonderful and inspire someone else!!

Today I am going to share with you some of the projects that I created for a birthday party. I made all of the sample projects using our new Make and Print Stickers. If you are in the Toronto store, you can see these projects on display in the Creative Studio section.
Sweet tables and food bars are so popular right now  ... so of course our birthday party has to have one! I used Make and Print Stickers to create labels for our glass containers and twist top bottles. One of the labels was used to create a "sign" that I stuck into a glass container full of candy coated chocolates. Everything on the table should have a label or sign ... try to use your imagination and tie the words into your party theme.

I created the art for my labels in Photoshop and printed them on blank 8.5" by 11" sticker sheets on my inkjet printer. If you do not have computer software or the computer skills to make your own art don't worry because the Make and Print Stickers have an instruction sheet  that will help you to go online and create your stickers. Inside each package you will find a secret code that is unique to your stickers. Use the code on the Sticker You website and you will find creating your own stickers a fun and easy process. The website has lots of designs for you to use and personalize at no additional cost. They even have licenced art from well known brands like Batman, Dora the Explorer and the Archies just to name a few.

I added paper butterflies to the labels to give them a little something extra. I cut the butterflies out of two-sided scrapbook papers using a couple of different butterfly paper punches. To give the butterflies some dimension, I folded the butterflies in half. I also tied pretty dotted ribbon and baker's twine to the containers.
You can create your own party drinks using our twist top and swing top glass bottles . I used water and drink crystals in colours to match the party decor.

The little flags on the mini cupcakes were made using our lollipop sticks and patterned tape.

The cupcakes are displayed on wood serving trays. I know that the wood serving trays are disposable but don't throw them out - I've got lots of great ways to use these after the party! (More about that on another post!!) 

Our paper straws come in so many great colours that I could not pick just one colour so I used three. I knew that I would not need all of the straws for the party so I used some of the extra straws to create some unique party decorations ... straw garlands!
 These straw garlands are so easy to make. I would suggest making them with the kids at the party for something to do. I will give you directions for the making the straw garland in my next post.

I used clear containers and Make and Print stickers to create the favors shown above. You can see that I added paper butterflies and ribbons on the favors so that they would co-ordinate with the other party decorations.
And the last project that I I wanted to show you was really the first project that I made for the party ... the party invitations. You can see that I used a bitty bag, a library pocket, a mailing tag and a sticker with the birthday girl's picture to create the invitation. Assorted ribbons were tied onto the mailing tag so that it would not be missed. Information about the party was printed on a larger piece of cardstock and tucked inside the bitty bag.

Hey, do you like my paper flower pom-poms? I made them using tissue paper and twist ties. I hung the paper flower pom-poms and some paper lanterns together as a large group using clear string but I could have used ribbon if I wanted another decorative element.

I'm going to be making these tissue paper flower pom-poms at the Toronto store on Thursday May 24th at 6:00pm. Save the date on your calendar if you are interested in joining me. I'll give you more details about other projects I will be doing that evening and how to register for the event soon.

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