yummy teacher's gift idea

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Okay, first of all I have to confess that I did not bake this cupcake ... my twelve year old daughter, Robyn, made up the recipe and had the idea to decorate it to look like a s'more. And second of all, I did not design this project for a teacher's gift ... it's my daughter's science project. Robyn noticed the clear containers with dome lids on my desk at home and asked if she could have one for her school project. She needed something to take the cupcake to school in that would hold the cupcake and not damage the lollipop stick and paper sign.

While I was helping her to photograph the cupcake for her project this afternoon it occurred to me that this would make a wonderful teacher's gift. Especially if you have a number of teachers and office staff that you want to thank at the end of the year.

We found the art for the paper circle here and you can personalize it however you want. Robyn printed her art on kraft cardstock and punched two holes so that she could add the lollipop stick.

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