Party with Archie and the gang using diy stickers and iron ons

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Do you remember reading Archie comics growing up? Maybe your kids are reading them now ... I still see them on the magazine racks at the grocery store. I've been an Archie's fan since I was a kid and a couple of years ago I started making jewellery (necklaces, earrings and bracelets) from my old Archie comics.

The first time I was introduced to the Sticker You product line of stickers and iron-on transers it was at a meeting that the Sticker You staff had set up to show us (Creative Bag) how to use their website. I could not believe how simple it was to create your own custom stickers and iron-ons. And I was amazed that there were so many different images and brands on their website. The minute that I saw the Archie images during the presentation I knew that I wanted to create an Archie themed party.

And that is what I did.
I already told you that I've been making jewellery with my old Archie comics, so I thought that I'd build the party around a crafting afternoon (or evening) with some girlfriends ... either mine or my daughters ... and we'd spend the time making some of the jewellery that I've designed, eating, drinking and just having fun.

Note: I've posted the how to make these on my personal blog here, here, here and here if you are interested in making this Archie jewellery yourself.

My first project was to use our little canvas bags and decorate each one with an Archies iron-on transfer. I filled each bag with all of the jewellery findings needed to make a necklace, earrings or bracelet ... like a little "kit".

The next project I created was a dvd tin that I embellished with a large label. I thought that the invitations for the party could go inside of the dvd containers along with the small canvas bags. I was so excited when I realized that the dvd tins were large enough to hold a double digest comic too (bonus!!). I used the full size sticker sheets to create the dvd tin labels. The art on the label was not from the sticker you website. I simply scanned a page from one of my Archie comics and played with it in Photoshop until I got the size that I wanted for the dvd tin*. I used a paper cutter to cut the label out and a corner cutter to round the edges.

I created party favors using our small clear pails and filled them with candy coated chocolates. I used one of the round Archie images from the Sticker You website and printed them onto the round sticker sheets. The round labels were the perfect size to fit on the pail lid. I loved that I could easily print what I wanted on each sheet - whether it was the same sticker design on every label or a different design on every label.
I used the rest of the stickers in the round sticker package to create Betty and Veronica labels to decorate our little milk bottles. I knew I wanted to present the bottles of milk with straws and cookies as I've shown in the picture  above but it was really hard to find cookies with holes. So I made cookies using refrigerator cookie dough and cut holes in the middle before baking (and immediately after they came out of the oven) using a very small cookie cutter.

Every Sticker You package comes with complete instructions inside and a special code that is unique to your three sticker sheets so that you can create and download the art on the Sticker You website. Don't lose that code because you will need it to print your art. And you can reprint lots of times because the website saves all of the pages you design. By the way, all of the licenced brands on the site are free to use to create stickers or iron-on transfers using the Sticker You products because Sticker You pays a licencing fee for you to use them on their products.

So what do you think? Are you a Betty or Veronica? Would you want to come to my party?!

*NOTE: IF you scan a comic like I did, only use the scanned image for personal use (such as your own party). I don't want to encourage anyone to start stealing art. As an artist, I can tell you I have never once been happy to see that someone has "borrowed" my art to create products for their benefit.

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