diy burlap center pieces for a party, wedding or home decor

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Burlap is a wonderful fabric that can be dressed up or dressed down ... just like your favourite pair of jeans. I see burlap being used everywhere from home decor to wedding and party decorations in magazines, stores and of course, on Pinterest boards.
This a little project that I came up with to decorate my new home. I simply added burlap to assorted sizes of clear vases to create beautiful centre pieces.
Here's my quick tips on how to do this yourself:
There are lots of different colours of burlap to use ... I like the look of the natural burlap for fall. I cut the burlap so that it will fit around the vase with a 1" overlap at the back. If the burlap is taller than the height of your vase you can easily cut the burlap to fit. If the burlap is not as wide as the height of a taller vase then position the burlap on the vase so that some of the glass vase is visible at the top or bottom (or both).
Use an elastic band to keep the burlap in place. Hint: place the elastic band in the area that you will want to add the ribbon accent!
Note: I use marbles inside my vases so that I can arrange my flowers. You can see the coloured marbles peeking through the burlap because I shoot this photo with the sunlight in the background.
The last thing that I did was to add a simple ribbon detail. I love the eco organic cotton ribbons that we have available in the stores and online right now because they are so easy to work with. I used this pink double striped ribbon because it reminds me of vintage ticking fabric and it looks great with the burlap. A simple knot and a quick decorative edge to the ribbon and we are ready to add our flowers.
This is how I displayed one of my burlap vases. I wanted to create a centre piece to use on the kitchen counter. I added a stack of old books to a large metal serving tray. Then I placed the vase of flowers on top of the books and beside the vase I added an old weathered bird garden statue.
I think this arrangement would be lovely at a fall wedding or party. If you want to do a similar look to this centre piece for a wedding or large party with lots of tables, you can usually find lots of inexpensive old books at second hand stores and (library) book sales. Instead of trying to find lots of old serving trays you could use our disposable wood serving trays ... just add paint or stain to match your decor. Then add a table number sign beside the vase (where I have the bird) and you have a simple diy table centre piece that is both beautiful and practical. 

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