Just add a little blackboard paint for instant party decorations

Friday 21 September 2012

As you can see, I have been playing with blackboard paint and a number of products we have in the stores and online to create some elements for a Halloween themed party. Decorative plastic pumpkins, wood market trays and white paper doilies are easy to paint with the Martha Stewart blackboard paint that is available in the Creative Studio area at the Toronto store.

Here you can see my "before" materials. You can use a regular paint brush or a small foam brush to paint all of the items shown. I actually prefer the foam brush because there are less stroke marks and it's quicker!

I only used one coat of paint on each of the products that I painted using the foam brush. If you find that you need two coats that is okay too. I think that these little pumpkins would be great as place cards at a table for a Halloween themed party or for Thanksgiving! If you add your guest's name with chalk it is easy to remove the chalk and reuse the pumpkins again! 

If you like to use labels on your containers these blackboard painted doilies are perfect for Halloween. I tied ribbons onto the vases first and then attached the doilies to the vase using two sided tape. I wrote on the doilies before attaching them to the jars. And because I didn't want the chalk to smuggle when I was attaching the doilies I used white china markers instead of chalk. You get the same look as the chalk but it does not come off.

I've shown you before that you can paint our wood market trays and reuse them. Here's one of the deeper market trays painted with the blackboard paint and used to display Halloween lootbags. I found that the market trays dried very quickly and again only needed one coat of paint using a foam brush but you may want to add a second coat if you want to cover more of the wood grain.

Did you notice the Halloween bag headers and tags? I created them for a download and will share them with you next week ... so stay tuned!

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