bitty bag packaging inspiration for cookies

Friday 12 October 2012

Here's a fun way to package cookies using our bitty bags. I have given all of my examples a Halloween theme but the basic concept can easily be adapted to suit any party, shower or wedding theme.

I used one of the Martha Stewart All Over the Page paper punches to create a cut out on one side of the bag! By packaging a large cookie (or a few small cookies) inside of a lip and tape bag and inserting it into the bitty bag the cookie will stay fresh longer.

This is how I created the Halloween themed moon and bat bags ...
As always, gather your supplies: paper bitty bags, lip and tape bags to fit inside the bitty bags, all over the page paper punch in shape of your choice, black ribbon, scissors, orange paper scraps and large circle paper punch, hole punch (I used the we R memory keeper's chomper).

Next you want to position the all over the page paper punch so that it is where you want your hole. Place the bottom half of the paper punch inside the bag so that you will cut a hole on one side of the bag (as shown above). The paper punch is magnetic so it stays in place while you are punching.
Now you are ready to package your cookies into the lip and seal bags. Simply peel off the protective strip and fold over the opening to close. I love these bags because you can reposition the adhesive edge if you didn't get it quite right the first time. Insert this package into the bitty bag and you are ready to decorate your bitty bags.

To make the Halloween moon and bat: Cut a large circle from a scrap piece of orange paper. Position your circle near the top of the bitty bag and off to one side. Use your hole punch to create two holes off to one side of the orange circle as shown above - making sure that you go through both layers of the bitty bag. Now you are ready to add your ribbon! Thread the ribbon through the two circles as shown above.
To make the ribbon "bat" you will need to tie a knot and cut the two ends on an angle as shown to form the bat shaped wings.
And we're done! Super easy and it would take very little time to do a batch of these for a large party.

And here's another way to decorate these enhanced bitty bags ...
This time I used a different all over the page punch shape. I decorated the top of the bag with a piece of my bag header art that I created for you to download here. I added a piece of black glitter tape at the bottom of the art as a decorative element and I used orange thread on my sewing machine to seal the bitty bag.

Here's another picture of the bitty bag with some other Halloween projects that I have shown you already ... the blackboard painted pumpkins and witches' feet cupcake decorations. The spooky glass was made by cutting black glitter tape into eye shapes. If you serve orange beverages in the glass they look like pumpkins ... milk will look like ghosts!

I think that all of these would all look great on a Halloween themed sweet table.
BTW ... Looking for paper punches, hole punches and glitter tape? They are all available in our Toronto Store in the Creative Studio section. All of these projects were demonstrated at the {free} Halloween workshop last week .. missed it? ... sign up to receive blog updates by email and you will get advance notice of the next workshop dates and project details.

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