Burlap Wreath .. do it yourself ... no sewing required!

Tuesday 27 November 2012

I presented this burlap wreath at last week's "Countdown to the Holidays" workshop. And as promised, here is the tutorial for how to create one of these yourself. 

It's a very simple - no sewing, no glue! This project requires a roll of burlap ribbon, a foam wreath base and lots of straight pins. 

Because I adore the felted holidays accessories and ornaments that we in the stores right now, I tucked one of our beautiful felt birds into my wreath to add a fun little detail.

As I already mentioned, you will need a roll of burlap  ribbon, a foam wreath and lots of straight pins. I realized when I started to cover my wreath with burlap that the softest burlap ribbon we have would work the best for creating the large soft loops. In my first two photos you will notice that I used two different types of burlap - you only need one kind, use the 4" wide burlap ribbon! I did not need the whole 10 yards for my 12" wreath, there was burlap left over to use for some of my packaging projects (yeah!). 

So the first step is to completely cover your foam wreath with burlap. Wrap the burlap around the styrofoam and use a couple of pins to keep the end of the burlap in place. 
Tip: I used "T" pins for this project.
Next you will start to make large loops with the burlap ribbon and secure each loop to the foam base using two pins under each loop. Work your way half way around the wreath, and then reverse the direction of your loops if you want your loops to look like mine. 

Leave a little bit of open space at the bottom of the wreath so you can add a burlap bow. To make my bow I formed a bow shape with the burlap ribbon and used a couple of pieces of jute to tie the bow together. Pin the bow in place on the wreath. 

To hang the wreath, I added a piece of jute to the top of the wreath as show above. The wreath is pretty enough to hang as is if you want to keep it simple. 

If you want to add a felt bird like mine, use a couple of long straight pins to hold the bird in place. I used natural coloured burlap but we also have burlap ribbon in different colours - this wreath would also be stunning in red, green or white burlap. 

My next post will be how to make the paper straw wreath that I also presented at last week's workshop, so stay tuned! Here's a sneak peek of the paper straw wreath ...

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