how to decorate burlap bags for rustic vintage wedding and party favors

Thursday 7 February 2013

Love the look of burlap bag favors? Burlap bags make a wonderful addition to a rustic, natural, vintage or country wedding/party theme. It is difficult to do iron on transfers on these bags and because the weave is so loose and stamping isn't really an option either. So what can you do to personalize these for your special day?

Here's one way that involves no sewing, is quite simple to do and has lots of wow factor.
For my sample, I used our 5"x7" burlap bags, silk flower petals and decorative brads. 
I deconstructed silk flowers and reconstructed them using just 6 petals and a single green leafy element. The petals already had a holes in the centre so it was easy to layer the petals and add a brad but don't fold the wings of the brad back yet.
Position your flower on the front of your bag, poke the brad through one layer of the burlap
and fold the brad back to hold. Now you are ready to fill the bag with whatever you want. 
I added a beautiful decorative cookie. Burlap bags are not food safe so if you want to add a cookie like I did you will need to use a food safe bag as well.

You can add a hang tag to your burlap bag favor or use the burlap bag and flower as an escort card holder like the photo above. 

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