Creative Inspiration. Pretty floral bouquet packaging using wrapping paper.

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Creative Bag floral packaging ideas using wrapping paper
 April showers bring May flowers. It's easy to make a bouquet of flowers ready for gift giving by using wrapping paper and twine.

This simple project will take a basic floral bouquet from ordinary to extraordinary!
Creative Bag floral packaging ideas using wrapping paper
So let's gather our supplies: kraft wrapping paper, patterned wrapping paper of your choice, ribbon or twine, a plastic candy bag, paper towel and scissors. Creative Bag floral packaging ideas using wrapping paper
1. You need to "water-proof" your stems so that the wrapping paper does not get soggy. I wrapped a wet paper towel around the ends of the stems to keep my flowers from drying out and then placed the stems into one of our clear candy bags. A piece of ribbon or twine was tied near the opening of the clear bag. (see top photo above)
2. Wrap a piece of kraft wrapping paper around the flowers so that it creates a bit of a cone shape. You can use a small piece of tape to hold the wrapping paper together if you wish.
3. Now wrap a piece of decorative wrapping paper over top of the kraft paper. The kraft paper will hide the plain white back side of the patterned paper and adds a decorative element with the double wrapping. Tie ribbon or twine a few times around the package to secure the wrapping paper. Add a gift tag, tie a bow and you are done!

Tip:  I folded the bottom end of the cone over once and tucked it into the opening so that the flowers could not fall through the end.

Creative Bag floral packaging ideas using wrapping paper

The reason that I used kraft paper wrapping paper with this project is because I knew that I was going to use a kraft gift tag and I wanted a more natural, organic look for this packaging project.  If you want a bolder look, you could have used solid wrapping paper in a colour to co-ordinate with your pattern instead of kraft paper.

Creative Bag's watercolour garden packaging collection
I used a beautiful wrapping paper from our new watercolour garden collection that has just arrived in our stores and online. It works with so many beautiful colours you will be able to find lots of ribbons and tissue paper to co-ordinate with this collection.

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