kraft paper bag gift wrapping idea just in time for Mother's Day

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Creative Bag floral packaging ideas using paper bags
It's easy to make small potted flowers look extra special by packaging them in paper bags. I like to buy potted bulbs in the spring for my home and to give as hostess gifts. I dress them up using paper bags, paper punches and ribbon

Here's how I do it:
Creative Bag floral packaging tutorial  using paper bags

one. Gather your supplies: small potted flowers, paper bag, paper edge punch, ribbon and scissors.
two. Trim the excess plastic wrapper on the pot.
three. Using a edge paper punch - we sell these in all of our stores - punch the top edge of your bag as shown above. You will be going through four layers of paper on the outside edges so  keep in mind that you will have to press down hard.
Creative Bag floral packaging tutorials using paper bags

four. Gently roll the top of the bag down to form a cuff.
five. Place the potted flowers inside the bag.
six. Scrunch the bag in a little about mid way down and add a ribbon to decorate. 
And you are done! 

Creative Bag floral packaging ideas using paper bags
Looking for pretty packaging supplies for Mother's Day? Check out our Watercolor Garden Collection. I think that the watercolour printed paper bags look great with my brown paper bag flowers. I added a small tissue paper pom pom to the printed bag. You can find the tutorial for these here

Mom will love the extra effort you put into wrapping up her gifts. And you don't have to tell her how easy it was to do ... unless you want to!

Creative Bag floral packaging ideas using paper bags

We have so many new products that have arrived into our stores and I can't wait to share more ideas with you - and a couple of free downloads. 
Stay tuned for some grad party ideas. 

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