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Friday 31 May 2013

paper straw frame tutorial from
Here's an easy project that you can create in afternoon using our paper straws. Paper straw frames can be used as a decorative element at a wedding, shower or party. Use them on food and sweet tables to let guests know what is being served. Signs are especially useful for guests that have food allergies to nuts, dairy, glutten or whatever. 
paper straws from Creative Bag
Our paper straws some in so many beautiful colours. I especially love the striped ones. We also carry different patterns and colours seasonally. 

Here's how I made my paper straw frame:
paper straw tutorial on Creative Bag's blog
1. I used some old Ikea wood frames that I had on hand (any plain frame will work), paper straws, glue, scissors, a pencil and a Martha Stewart scoreboard. If you don't have a scoreboard you can use a ruler.
2. Figure out how long your straws will need to be to completely cover your frame. For my small frame, I cut my longest straws down to 6.75" and my smallest straws to 1". I used my scoring board to mark with a pencil where I would need to cut each straw and then simply cut the straws with a pair of sharp scissors.
3. Once you have all of the straws cut to fit your frame you can start to glue the straws to the frame. I put glue on the frame and added the straws in the following order:  long straws at the top, short straws on both sides and then the long straws at the bottom.
4. Let your straws dry and you are done! I told you this was easy.
paper straw tutorial from Creative Bag
I used one colour of straws in this sample but you could easily do this project with a mix of different colours to match your colour theme. Have fun and experiment with straw placement on your frame.

Just so that you know, when I'm creating a project for the first time it sometimes takes me a few tries to everything perfect. I'm a little picky when it comes to little details ... I'm a Virgo, need I say more? ... and I thought that I'd share with you why I recommend using a scoring board vs a ruler for this project. 
Creative Bag blog post on making paper straw frames
Pictured above are my first and second attempts at making these frames. In my first attempt with the green and blue straws I used a ruler to measure my straws and I found it difficult to be consistent - especially on the 1" pieces. Check out the shorter straws on the sides! In my second attempt you can see that when I used my Martha Stewart scoreboard to mark each straw, I was able to be more accurate in my markings and my finished piece looks a bit more polished. 

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