Easy ways to customize fabric bags using stamps, ribbon and twine

Saturday 21 September 2013

Creative Bag diy ideas using our fabric bags

Cotton and linen drawstring bags are wonderful packaging options if you are looking for something  that is unique and can be customized. Use our fabric bags to package unique products like jewellery, stationery & wine. Planning a wedding, party or special event? These drawstring bags are a great favor packaging option

Creative Bag diy ideas using our fabric bags

Want to personalize our fabric yourself? Here's an idea, use premade or custom stamps with permanent ink and replace the drawstrings with twine or ribbon! Here’s how I did it … 

Creative Bag diy ideas using our fabric bags
General Directions for Using Clear Stamps and Permanent Ink on Fabric Bags :

Note: I recommend that you test stamping on a fabric scrap first before printing on bags.

Step 1.  Iron cotton or linen bags to remove all wrinkles if necessary. 

Step 2.  You can use any kind of stamps on fabric bags. I prefer to use clear stamps because they are easy to use and allow you to see exactly where you are stamping. Clear stamps need to be attached to a smooth surface prior to stamping. Use an acrylic block that is larger than your stamp. You can combine stamps on larger acrylic blocks if desired.

Step 3. Tap your stamp lightly and repeatedly on the ink pad to pick up the ink. Look at your
stamp and make sure that it is well-inked.

Step 4.  Once the stamp is inked you are ready to stamp. Carefully position the stamp where
you want it to appear over the fabric and press the stamp very firmly and evenly onto your fabric.

Remove stamp and admire your work!    

Tip: You need to re-ink every time you stamp.

We have a selection of holiday stamps and inks in our stores for a limited time. 

Changing the drawstring on your fabric bag is easy to do and a great way to add some colour and visual interest to your packaging!
Creative Bag diy ideas using our fabric bags
How to Change the Drawstrings on Fabric Bags :

Step 1.  Remove both drawstrings on the bag by untying the knots and pulling the strings
through the openings. Pay attention as you remove the strings as to how they were attached.

Step 2.  You can replace the drawstrings with twine, baker’s twine or ribbon in the colour of
your choice. Use the original drawstrings to determine how much twine/ribbon you will need, keeping in mind that you can make the drawstrings longer if you want a large bow. Cut two pieces of twine for each bag.

Creative Bag diy ideas using our fabric bags

Step 3. Using a yarn needle, weave the first piece of twine through the bag drawstring holes.
Tie the two ends of the twine together with a single knot.

Step 4.  Repeat step 3 using the second piece of twine but this time weave the twine so that the
two ends of the twine end up on the opposite side of the bag to the first drawstring. Knot the
ends of the second drawstring to finish.

Creative Bag diy ideas using our fabric bags
I used a small snowflake print to create a repeat pattern on one of my canvas bags. It's a great idea for a holiday gift bags if you are making a handful of these for personal use.

Not interested in diy and need lots of custom fabric bags for your small business? We can help you to design and create a custom fabric bag just for you! Check out our Custom Design Services here.

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