Clearly yummy holiday packaging inspiration and a free download

Friday, 29 November 2013

clear holiday packaging ideas from Lorrie Everitt |
Holiday packaging does not always have to hide your gift. Especially if you are wrapping something like beautifully decorated cookies or other yummy treats. We carry a variety of clear boxes and bags in lots of sizes that will make your holiday packaging projects a breeze. 

Here's three clear gift wrapping ideas I'm going to be using this year ...  
clear holiday packaging ideas from Lorrie Everitt |
In this first sample, I packaged a snowman sugar cookie from Starbucks in one of our clear bags and tied the bag close with a clear twist tie topped off with a red ribbon bow. I like to give gift cards to friends and family for the holidays so I also packaged a Starbucks gift card inside a red striped pillow box. The pillow box was tied to the cookie packaging using red baker's twine. This would make a great gift idea for clients, staff and teachers.

clear holiday packaging ideas from Lorrie Everitt |
This beautiful snowflake cookie from Cupid's Bakery was packaged inside of a clear bag that I embellished with a header that I made using our kraft wrapping paper, lace ribbon tape, baker's twine and chalkboard stickers. I cut the kraft wrapping paper using our wrapping paper cutter ... a great time saver if you plan to do a lot of gift wrapping this year! You can write on the chalkboard stickers using chalk markers!

clear holiday packaging ideas from Lorrie Everitt |
Here's one more packaging idea using our clear boxes. The clear boxes come in many different of sizes. I filled one of the 2x2 clear boxes with some mini chocolates that I purchased at Costco. I created holiday  wrappers to fit the mini chocolates and you can download them below if you would like to make these too. I used silver mylar sizzle in my box to keep the chocolates in place. Baker's twine adds a little colour to my packaging and is a good choice if you don't like to tie ribbon bows. I used a chalkboard sticker on the bottom of my box to use as a gift tag. 

free download for holiday themed chocolate wrappers and gift packaging inspiration by Lorrie Everitt |
You can download my art for the holiday chocolate wrappers here. You will find directions for how to use the wrappers on the download. Many of the graphics used on the wrappers were from 

Luvly is a premium digital design marketplace, selling graphics, images and vectors. You can find everything from invitations to clip art to scrapbooking designs. It's my new favourite place to be to find graphics when I am short on time and don't have time to create my own art from scratch!

Happy wrapping!

"chalkboard" take out boxes for holiday leftovers

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

chalkboard take out boxes for holiday leftovers | Lorrie Everitt for

We have recently repackaged our 8oz, 16oz and 32oz coloured chinese take out boxes in smaller packages of 10! This is great news if you don't need 50 boxes or you want to buy a variety of different colours to match your party or holiday decor. 

I thought that it would be interesting to see if you could use chalk markers on the black take out boxes like I did here with our black wrapping paper. So I tried it out this week and hey, it works!! I used the Bristo chalk markers on my samples. Aren't they adorable?

These would be a great idea for the holidays. No more looking around for extra plastic containers and bags. Send family and friends off with these "take home" boxes with leftovers. Long distant guests will think you are the hostess with the mostess when you give them these take out boxes filled with small cookies as a treat for the ride home! 

chalkboard take out boxes for holiday leftovers | Lorrie Everitt for

If you want to use the coloured take out boxes you can simply add chalkboard stickers for a fun detail. We have three shapes of chalkboard stickers and you can write on them with chalk markers or regular chalk. 

chalkboard take out boxes for holiday leftovers | Lorrie Everitt for

Here's another look at my funky little "take home" boxes.

chalkboard take out boxes for holiday leftovers | Lorrie Everitt for

Here's one for Santa! The beautiful snowflake sugar cookies that I used in my photos were purchased from Cupids Gourmet Bakery. Cupids is a nut free bakery with a locations in Oakville & Burlington and they make the most amazing (and beautiful) cupcakes and cookies!

Holiday gift wrapping inspiration ... our products featured in a few of our favourite magazines!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Our products have been featured in a number of holiday magazines recently and I wanted to share some of them with you today. We are always so happy to see Canadian magazines featuring Canadian stores and Canadian designers, artists and bloggers.  I personally like to know when I am reading about something in a Canadian magazine that I can either go out and buy it locally or order online and with the knowledge that I will not have to pay additional costs for shipping like duty and brokerage fees.  

So here's the publications that I have on my coffee table right now ... 

Style at Home magazine
Creative Bag in the news
Our ribbons, wrapping paper and boxes were featured in a number of articles ...
Creative Bag in the news
Creative Bag in the news
Creative Bag in the news
I also adored this home by Toronto designer Jessica Kelly. Her pink and grey gift wrapping was stunning ...
B.C. business owner, Cheryl Krescy, set up an afternoon tea party in her cafe using natural elements like burlap bags, lace ribbon, kraft paper and gift tags, stamps and handmade paper flowers. The article is very inspiring and although the products were not from us, we carry most of the items featured if you are thinking of doing some of these diy projects ... 

Creative Bag in the news
Our ribbons made the front cover! I didn't see the source for the paper straw but of course you already know that we carry paper straws in lots of colours (including red!).

Creative Bag in the news
Samantha Pynn used our boxes and ribbons in this "Design Expert" article. Love the jewel toned ribbons combined with beautiful white boxes (no wrapping paper!) ... so simple and elegant.
 There is an awesome tutorial on how to tie a bow inside. I could not find a credit for the ribbon but I believe that it is ours. And there is a fabulous section called the "12 Days of Decorating" that I loved ... they featured lots of ideas for the holidays by designers and bloggers. 

Creative Bag in the news
Creative Bag in the news
Many of our food packaging products were featured in this article ... so many yummy packaging ideas!

Creative Bag in the news

Our silver and gold boxes were used in these gift giving articles ... 

Creative Bag in the news
and our wrapping papers were shown here!
Creative Bag in the news

Creative Bag was also mentioned on a few websites this past week. My diy bunting projects for Weddingbells can be seen here ...
Lorrie Everitt's diy bunting projects on
diy bunting projects by Lorrie Everitt

And the final photos for the Wedding Saviours GTA 2013 wedding were just posted. We supplied the couple with boxes, ribbons, tags and bags for their special day ... 

Sarah and Keith's wedding - photography by Virtuoso Photography

Favor packaging for rehearsal party - photography by J&L Photography

Chalkboard inspired gift wrapping tutorial and free downloads for holiday gift tags

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

chalkboard inspired gift wrapping tutorial at

Chalkboard art is everywhere! And now you can add the black and white graphic trend to your gift wrapping. It's so easy and we have everything you need to do it yourself! 

chalkboard inspired gift wrapping tutorial at

Above left: I used black wrapping paper bands on our window boxes and round boxes with attached ribbons.
Above right: I wrapped gift boxes with black wrapping paper and used two-sided tape so that the tape would be hidden. I added red and white baker's twine to create a simple and fun look.

chalkboard inspired gift wrapping tutorial at
Gather your supplies: gift wrap cutter (optional but I can't live without mine to cut wrapping paper), black wrapping paper, chalk markers, two-sided tape, ribbon, twine and assorted boxes. I used window boxes with attached ribbons, round boxes with attached ribbon and  other gift boxes.  

Step 1: Cut wrapping paper to fit your box.
Step 2: Use two-side tape to wrap boxes.
Step 3: I like to use scraps of wrapping paper to test what I am going to draw using the chalk markers. You can sketch out what you want to do in pencil first and erase the pencil marks after the ink is completely dry.
Step 4: Tie your ribbon or twine around the boxes before you start to draw on the wrapping paper. Using the chalk marker, doodle on one side of your wrapped box. When the ink is dry, rotate and continue to doodle on the next side.

chalkboard inspired gift wrapping tutorial at

Need some inspiration for what to draw or write? Here's some of my samples. Need more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest Chalkboard boards for more ideas.

You can write the names of who the gift is for on the wrapping paper but just in case you'd rather use a gift tag I created a few holiday tags that you can download for free. My tags were made using some beautiful holiday graphics that I purchased from Luvly Marketplace

free download for holiday gift tags by Lorrie Everitt for

Download the chalkboard tags on the left here and on the right here. Print these tags on white cardstock and cut as indicated. You can punch a hole in each tag and add baker's twine if desired. 

You can find the download for the holiday graphics from Luvly Marketplace here. I'm going to use the Photoshop brushes to make my own Holiday cards and additional gift tags!
digital art from

Looking for more chalkboard products? We have lots more here!

How would you like to win one of three $25 gift cards* from Creative Bag?
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*We send out emails 4 or 5 times a month to let people know about new products, sales, special events and newsletter exclusives.The $25 gift cards are for instore use only and must be used in full when redeemed. The cards cannot be redeemed for cash. 

Create your dream wedding (online) with Creative Bag!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Create your dream wedding online with Creative Bag |

Are you trying to put together some last minute details for a winter wedding in the next few months? Our retail store locations do not have space at this time of year to stock as many wedding products as we do during the spring and summer months but you can always shop online with us for additional wedding products. You can easily personalize many of our custom products to create your dream wedding. If you live in Canada - here's the good - everything is shipped from Canada so you don't have to worry about delays at the border with Customs and there are no additional shipping costs for brokerage and duty fees!

I have been busy the past few weeks designing the show bag, show booth displays and handouts for the Total Wedding Show. If you are planning a wedding for 2014 (or 2015!) I hope that you will save the date to come see us January 17th to 19th, 2014 at the International Centre

I created a number of diy wedding projects that will be featured in the January 2014 Weddingbells magazineI designed some free downloads for the diy projects and I will share more about diy's in January! Weddingbells is one of the sponsors for the Total Wedding Show and they will be at the show as well. 
Create your dream wedding online with Creative Bag |

I love this wedding diy project using our push pop containers that was featured in Weddingbells and is on newsstands now. If you are on Pinterest you have most likely seen the diy confetti poppers because it's been repinned so many times!


Holiday packaging is easy when you use "wrapping paper bands" ... here's how Lorrie Everitt creates them using our new Gift Wrap Cutter!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

wrapping paper band packaging projects by Lorrie Everitt on the Creative Bag blog
I'm so excited to show you my "wrapping paper band" packaging ideas today. My family will agree with me when I say I have always had a difficult time throwing away paper scraps (as well as lace, twine and ribbon ... you get the idea!) and it was from my love of paper scraps that I came up with the idea of these wrapping paper bands. The idea is really simple but sometimes simple is all you need!

wrapping paper band packaging projects by Lorrie Everitt on the Creative Bag blog

I cut wrapping paper into bands and then I wrapped the bands around gift boxes. The bands are held in place with two sided tape. You can layer wrapping papers with this technique but in all of my examples I have just added a band of wrapping paper over assorted kraft gift boxes. These bands are especially beautiful on our very popular window boxes. All of our window boxes have attached ribbons and are available in a number of different colours and sizes. The pom pom on the bottom right package was created using matching printed tissue paper. I added chalkboard and kraft paper tags on all of my packages.

gift wrap cutter available from
gift wrap cutter available from
We now stock these amazing new Gift Wrap Cutters. Save your scissors for cutting ribbons!
This gift wrap cutter is so easy to use ... just open the top and pop in a roll of wrapping paper. Pull the wrapping paper over the edge to the length you want to cut and close the lid to hold the paper in place. Slide the blade from one end of the cutter to the end to cut a straight line. Remove the paper and you are ready to pull out another length of paper and cut again. The blade can be replaced and the cutters are extremely safe to use.

The Gift Wrap Cutter is a must have for the holidays and a tool that you will reuse all year round. I rarely talk about prices on the blog, but honestly, at $19.99 this tool will not break the bank. It will save you time and wrapping paper. Check out the Gift Wrap Cutter video at the end of my post!

wrapping paper band packaging projects by Lorrie Everitt on the Creative Bag blog
Here's a quick before and after of my packaging projects for this post. The picture on the left is what my boxes looked like before I add the wrapping paper bands.

I am going to be demonstrating a few holiday packaging projects on tv next week. If you live in Mississauga/Peel I hope that you will tune into  Roger's Daytime TV on Monday November 18, 2013. I will have my Gift Wrap Cutter with me!

Here's the YouTube video I was telling you about earlier:

diy burlap ring bearer pillow

Friday, 8 November 2013

diy burlap ring bear pillow | by Lorrie Everitt for Creative Bag

diy burlap ring bear pillow | by Lorrie Everitt for Creative Bag

In my last post I created a romantic rustic wedding mood board. In that post I included a picture of a burlap ring bearer pillow that I created using our 9" wide burlap ribbon and today I'm going to show you how you can make one of these yourself. 

Supplies: 9' wide burlap, 20" of natural twine, scraps of quilt batting made into a 5.5" by 5.5" pillow form, sewing machine, needle and thread.

Step One: Cut two squares of burlap measuring 9" x 9". Centre and sandwich the quilt batting pillow form between the two pieces of burlap.

Step Two: Using a sewing machine, sew a square around the quilt batting pillow. Trim the burlap approximately 1" from the stitching. Using a sewing needle and thread, sew a couple of stitches in the middle of the pillow to create a tuft and attach the twine.

Step Three: Tie twine into a bow. 

When you are ready to add the rings on your wedding day, simply untie the bow, slip the rings onto the twine and re-tie the bow.

The "ring" that I used in the original photo is from Brilliant Earth. Of course, you would add both wedding bands to the ring bearer pillow and not the engagement ring!

Romantic Rustic Wedding Mood Board Inspiration

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Romantic Rustic Wedding Mood Board Inspiration | featuring wedding rings by Brilliant Earth | Creative Bag blog

Creative Bag Wedding Mood Board Inspiration: Romantic Rustic

I have always been a "natural" kind of girl when it comes to packaging and decor projects. Burlap, kraft, twine and vintage looking lace ribbons always make me smile. But I also have a secret crush on things that shine ... honestly, what girl doesn't like a little "bling". The mix of romantic and rustic elements for a wedding is what I had in mind when I was putting together this wedding inspiration mood board. 

I was invited by Brilliant Earth to take part in their launch of a new line of rings and earrings
that were inspired by the natural beauty of autumn. Brilliant Earth creates exquisite wedding rings and jewelery. Can't you just see one of these rings on a {diy} burlap ring pillow on your wedding day. I adore the earrings with the falling leaves!

I am going to do a diy tutorial to show you how to make my burlap ring pillow so check back later in the week if you'd like to make one of these yourself. 

Here's where you can find the Creative Bag products I featured in my mood board:
silver boxes and bags, burlap flowers with rhinestone accents, chalkboard tags and chalkboard signs, burlap ribbon, lace ribbon, twine, burlap flowers, kraft take out boxes, burlap and flameless candleschalkboard paint, and chalk markers. The blackboard bunting was created using canvas bunting that is not on our website but is available in our stores ... I'll show you how to make these soon too!