S'more favor packaging inspiration and a new way to make these sweet treats using chocolate melts

Friday 4 July 2014

diy s'more favor packaging by Lorrie Everitt | Creative Bag

Are you planning to use s'more favors for a wedding, party or event this summer? I've come up with a few more packaging ideas using our clear take out boxes and another way to create these yummy treats.

After arriving home with a bag full of melted chocolate bars (never leave chocolate bars in your purse in July), I came up with the idea of using chocolate melts instead of chocolate bars for a new twist on these fun favors. I was really happy with the results and I'm going to share how to make these with you today. 
diy s'more favors | Creative Bag
diy s'more favors | Creative Bag

Here's what you need to make the s'mores: 
Wilton light cocoa chocolate flavoured candy melts, graham crackers, marshmallows.

Heat up candy melts in the microwave following the instructions on the package. Once the candy has melted spread it onto your graham crackers with an icing knife or frosting spatula. Allow the candy to harden completely before you start to stack the graham crackers in the take out boxes. 

I used Wilton light cocoa candy melts to create more "traditional looking" s'mores but you could certainly do this using any colour of candy melts for a fun twist to this classic treat. Want to make these even more unique? Try making homemade marshmallows! Just remember to cut them so they will fit the bottom of the take out boxes. You can find a great recipe here at Petite & Sweet.

To package the s' mores in our small clear 8oz take out boxes:
Place two regular size marshmallows in the bottom of each box followed by four candy coated graham crackers. 

diy s'more favors | Creative Bag

I thought I'd share how these look with the chocolate coated graham crackers (on the right) and  chocolate bar pieces (on the left). Either way the box looks full and the treats are yummy!

And now for my favourite part ... the packaging. We have so many great ribbons, chalkboard elements and embellishments that it was hard to stop at four but here's some ideas to get you started if you are thinking about making s'more favors. 

diy s'more favors | Creative Bag

Burlap ribbon, lace ribbon and chalkboards with clothespin backs were used in this sample. Simply tie the lace ribbon over the burlap ribbon to keep it in place. Chalk markers are simple to use ... I created the extra details on this one by using two different sizes of chalk markers.

diy s'more favors | Creative Bag

 Lace ribbon, wired ribbon in a pretty gingham print, metal rimmed tags and baker's twine were used to create this pretty packaging. The wired ribbon makes it easy to create bows that will keep their shape.

diy s'more favors | Creative Bag

 Striped ribbon and chalk labels make packaging these s'more favors a breeze. 
Tip: If you want to use chalk markers on the chalk labels write on the labels BEFORE you stick them on the box and WAIT for the chalk marker to dry completely.

diy s'more favors | Creative Bag

Organic cotton striped ribbon, linen flowers on twine and die cut feather gift tags. I added some glitter to the tip of the paper feather gift tag because every girl likes a little sparkle now and then. I showed you how to add glitter here.

diy s'more favors | Creative Bag

I think that this favor would be sweet for an party at the cottage this summer along with our birch covered vases (available in stores only) and chalkboard signs. What do you think?

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