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Wednesday 24 September 2014

Creative Living Magazine holiday wrapping ideas | Creative Bag

I'm hoping that you have already found (and read) our new online magazine but if you haven't here's a sneak peak of some of the projects that you will see inside featuring some of our new Christmas products as well as products that we sell all year round with a holiday spin. 

Creative Living Magazine by Creative Bag - see it on ISSUU

I published the magazine on ISSUU. Never heard of ISSUU ... well, grab a cup of your favourite hot beverage and get ready to be inspired! There are so many online magazines to read for pretty much anything that interests you - fashion, home decor, weddings & parties, sports and more and they are FREE to read. Create an account and you can save publications into "stacks". Follow your favourite publications and easily save ideas to your Pinterest boards or social media accounts. 

Some of the online magazines (like ours) can be downloaded if you have an account so you can save it and you have the option to print it out .

If you already have an ISSUU account - you can find us by searching for "Creative Living".

Don't have an account on ISSUU, that's okay ... you can read our online magazine at

Creative Living Magazines by Creative Bag

If you follow our link to you will see that I am working on two more holiday online magazines. Click on the "Gift Wrapping" photo and it will take you right to that magazine. 

Creative Living Magazine by Creative Bag - see it on ISSUU

If you want to download the magazine or follow us on ISSUU you will have to click on the "issuu" link as indicated on the screen print above.

Creative Living Magazine by Creative Bag - see it on ISSUU

As you can see, once you are on ISSUU, you can easily follow, download and much more.

I love online magazines ... they are so interactive! Find links for products featured, downloads for free printables, tutorials and more all at the click of a button. 

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