vintage labels for your sweet{heart} bar

Sunday 8 January 2012

Sweet bars are becoming more and more popular for weddings, showers, birthday parties and holiday get togethers so I thought that it would be fun to design some labels to add to some of our glass vases and containers. Since Valentine's day is not too far away I decided to use red and pink as my colour inspiration.

This art is for personal use only - no commercial use please.

Here's what you will need to complete this project:
heavy white cardstock, colour printer, scissors, single hole punch, two sided tape, and matching ribbon of your choice.

I designed these labels in red and pink to co-ordinate with our bitty paper bags . I will be doing another post soon to show you how to use these labels on the bitty bags for Valentine's day!

The first step is to print out the labels on heavy white cardstock on your inkjet or laser printer.

Next you will want to cut the labels with a pair of scissors.
Simply use the coloured outline of the vintage label shape as your guide for cutting.

You can attach the labels to your glass vases or containers a few ways ... here are two of my favourites ...
1. You can tie the ribbon around the glass vase or container first. I simply tied a knot at the back and the ribbon stayed in place. Then I attached the paper label to the ribbon and glass using two sided tape.I used a narrow red ribbon with white stitching on my sample for a fun Valentine party but I was making this for a wedding I would have selected a wider satin ribbon for a more elegant look.

2. The other way to attach the labels to the container is to use a single hole punch to make two holes in the label (as shown). Cut one piece of ribbon that is long enough to go around the glass container/vase and tie a knot/bow. Thread the ribbon through the two holes on the label as shown in the picture above and tie the ribbon in place with a knot at the back. If you are not able to tie the ribbon tightly enough to keep the ribbon/label from sliding down, you can add a small piece of two sided tape to the back of the label to hold the label in place before you tie the ribbon.

Looking for more inspiration for a sweet bar? Check out my pinterest food bar board.

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