Push Pop containers have arrived!

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Our Push Pop containers have arrived!

These fun little containers are sure to be a big hit at weddings and parties. We are just starting to see all kinds of creative ways to use them with baked goods and frozen treats. My kids and I made some on the weekend and we filled them with mini cupcakes. Here's a tutorial of how to use these push pops containers with mini cupcakes ... 

First you want to gather your supplies: push pop containers, mini cupcakes, icing (food colouring if you want a coloured icing), icing bag with tip (I used the Wilton Decorator Plus because I find it easy to use with the kids), and sprinkles.
1. I took the containers apart and washed them with warm soapy water before we got started filling them. That's one of the things that I love about these containers - you can wash them out and reuse them again!
2. With the container pushed up about 1/2 way, we inserted our first mini cupcake. The cupcake should be just a touch smaller than the container so that you can easily move the stick up and down with the cupcake in place. Tip: I found that the tops of some our cupcakes baked up a little bigger than we wanted so I used a knife to trim off a little bit of the top edges.
3. I wanted these cupcakes to work for a Valentine themed party so we coloured our icing pink and used pink/red/white mini heart shape sprinkles. 4. Next you will want to add your icining to the cupcake being very careful not to touch the inside edges of the container. If the icing touches now it will streak later when you lower the cupcake. 5. Add the sprinkles.
6. The next step is to gently draw the stick down to lower the cupcake in the container and make room for the second cupcake.
7. Add your second cupcake, 8. icing and sprinkles.
9.& 10. Add the top to the containers and you are done!

I think that these would be so cute for a wedding. You could decorate the containers with ribbons or a decorative sticker to co-ordinate with your colours/theme. If you make these I'd love to hear what you did with them - leave me a comment on this post or you can send pictures to me here.  I have a feeling that I will be making these again in the not too distance future ... I saw a cute recipe for push pop s'mores that I'm going to try next!!

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Bead Rock said...

What a wonderful idea! No mess:)