Pretty Packing Inspiration Using Tissue Paper Flower Pom Poms

Wednesday 6 March 2013

Take tissue paper to the next level by decorating your shopping bags with tissue paper flower pom poms. 

I've shown you how to make tissue paper flower pom poms that can be hung from the ceiling for a party or wedding here and these small tissue paper pom poms are just as easy to make. I just added a couple of extra steps so that you can insert or attach them to the bags. 

You can use the tissue paper flower pom pom kits that we sell to create these and as you will see, you can add some patterned tissue paper to the kits to add a little pop!

The first tissue paper pom pom that I'm going to show you how to make has a spiky floral shape. I made this one so that it that can be tucked into a bag. 
Start with 6 sheets of tissue paper that are 20" by 15". 
Accordion fold the tissue paper so that each fold is about 1" wide.
Now fold the tissue in half as shown above and cut the tissue so that you have two stacks of folded tissue. We will be able to make two of these so put one half aside to finish later.
To create the spiky shape you will need to cut one end of the folded tissue paper into a point as shown (above left). 
You can see how the pointed ends will look as you fan out the tissue a little. 
I use a wood stick or skewer to keep the tissue paper flower pom pom from falling out of the bag. Insert the wood stick into the middle of the folded  tissue paper making sure that the wood stick is far enough into the bottom of the tissue paper that you can add a twist tie to hold everything in place (above right).
Cover up the twist tie and add a decorative element to the pom pom by wrapping a long piece of ribbon over the twist tie - finish with a knot to keep in place.
Now you are ready to open the tissue paper layers just as we would have done with the tissue paper flower tutorial that I showed you here. Be careful as you open each layer that you don't go too fast and tear the tissue. Fluff the pom pom so that it it full.
You can insert the pom pom into a paper bag with the wood stick hidden inside and use the ribbon tied to the bag handle to keep everything in place as shown (above right). 
I used a long piece of ribbon on my pom pom so that I could tie a pretty bow on the bag handle. I gave you the free download for the thank you tags in this post in case you missed it! I love using the May Arts paper twine on my hang tags because they are so easy to use and are available in so many colour options. 

If you are looking for a fun variation to my tissue paper pom poms try adding a few pieces of patterned tissue paper. That's what I did to create the tissue paper flower pom pom on the right (above). I used three sheets of polka dot tissue paper and three sheets of white tissue paper - all tissue paper was 20" x 15". To make the tissue paper flower pom pom follow my basic instructions here but when you open the tissue paper layers open the patterned tissue first so that it is in the centre of the flower. You want one side of the pom pom to be flat so open all layers of the tissue in the same direction. 
The picture on the left (above) shows you what the finished polka dot pom pom will look like. You will want to hide the twist tie that was used to create your pom pom with a long piece of ribbon. This ribbon is more for decoration so make it long enough so that it will hang below the pom pom. I used the twist tie on the pom pom to attach the pom pom to the bag handle as you can see in the photo above (right). 

The nice thing about these tissue paper flower pom poms is that they can be reused if you store them so that they do not get crushed. 

Do you like adding floral details to your packaging? 
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These resin flowers are beautiful for wedding favors, jewellery making, card making and home decor projects. I purchased a bunch of them to save for party favors ... I don't have a party planned right now but with two teenage girls I know that at some point there will be a party that I can put them to use!!! 

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