Creative Storage for Baker's Twine

Monday 9 April 2012

I like my supplies to be organized and easy to find. And if I can find a way to achieve this AND make my studio office look nice than I am a very happy girl. So when I noticed that one of our new eco mason jars was the perfect size to store a roll of baker's twine I was more than just a little excited.

I knew that I wanted to add a hole to the top of the lid so that I could easily pull the twine out of the jar. As soon as I got home with the jars I headed straight for my stash of decorative grommets ...
I punched a hole in the centre of the lid using a metal hole punch*. Then I used a grommet setter to attach the grommet to the lid.

I used large pink flower shaped grommets for my containers but you can easily do this with a small or large grommet in any colour or shape that you want ... whatever suits your decor.  

*Note: Both the hole punch and grommet setter were from the Making Memories tool kit.

We have had so many new products arrive into the stores the past couple of weeks ... bottles and jars, stickers that you design on line and so much more. I am planning to do another creative workshop and project demos this month on Thursday April 26th. If you are interested in attending please "save the date" so that you can join me. I'll post more details about the event later this week on the blog!

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Ivanka said...

Love this idea!! Great way to store twine!